I have a 1-year old!

This past weekend my baby boy turned 1-year old… I can’t believe how fast this year went by and over the past 365 days he wasn’t the only one who grew…  Emotionally, I can honestly say that I didn’t know what life was about until I became a mother.  Being able to share every experience with my son has brought so much joy and meaning to my life.  We waited to have kids till we were in our careers and got married which hit us both at 28-years old.  My marriage is perfect in the sense that I married the love of my life but it’s not perfect in the sense that we fight just like any other couple out there.  We are both first born in our families and stubborn so you never know who is going to back down and let the other one ‘win’.  Over this past year we have gone through up’s and down’s and the bottom-line is that I made the best decision of my life marrying this man.  He is the most important person in my life and without him I wouldn’t have the best little love (Bode) in my life.  Your wedding day is a day to share your love with your loved ones (family and friends) and Bode’s 1st birthday was our opportunity to share our little love with all of our family and friends and to celebrate our 1st year of being parents.  We did a Rock-Star theme which goes perfectly with his personality.  He is outgoing, determined, loud, flirtatious, and makes his Mommy laugh every day with his silly expressions.  I included a few shots from the birthday party we had for him to share with my blog readers…

Happy Birthday Baby Boy – Mommy and Daddy love you so much!!!

Dessert Bar

Birthday Throne - 'I am One'

Mom + Dad = Bode

Cake Time

Baby Yogi

I think my favorite part about being a new mom is having the opportunity to watch my baby develop and grow.  He is moving closer and closer to crawling each day and I realized his development runs like a yoga class…

Sukhasana – seated pose

close enough... right?

Childs pose


This one needs the motion, so try using your imagination


Upward Facing Dog

Downward Facing Dog/Plank

Reclining Big Toe

At Mommy and Me yoga 🙂

Wide Angled Seated Forward Bend

And maybe a foot in the mouth...


He's got pretty good form if you ask me!

Legs up the wall

Or legs up the hamper, same thing right?

Happy Baby

Corpse pose

Ending this 'practice' with my sweet little newborn yawning on the changing table 🙂

Looks like we were all meant to be yogi’s… Now give it a try, can you do these simple poses?  Try to hold each pose for at least 5 full breaths.


(3-week trial) as a SAHM

My Little Blogger

I took these past 3-weeks to bond with my baby (Paid Family Leave) and become a temporary SAHM (stay at home mom).   During this time I truly had a bonding experience with my son.  He is growing so fast and is at such a fun age right now (7-months).  I have a new appreciation for mom’s that stay at home vs. work a full-time job.  I can truly say I had the best time at home because I made the most of my time.  We took some fun mommy and me classes (mommy and me Pilates, Baby Whisperer, Gymboree, play dates at the park) all things I don’t have much time for when I’m working full-time, mostly because they are offered during regular business hours.  We also got a lot of use out of our jogging stroller and Mommy really wore in her Vibram Five Finger shoes.  My little brother graduated from Arizona State University, which included our first plane ride with the baby and he was so good (*tip for mom’s about to fly with a baby, make sure you feed them their bottle or breastfeed as the plane starts descending, that’s when the ears start getting swollen vs. take off). Our time together also included  my 1st Mothers Day, day trip to a butterfly exhibit at the Natural History Museum with the Nash ladies, baby shower for a soon-to-be playmate, visiting Daddy’s work for the 1st time, and did a lot of exercise time in preparation for crawling (any day now!)  Yes, we were busy and I think that’s what made the experience for me so rewarding.  But the reality is most SAHM’s probably don’t do all of those things in the span of 3-weeks… And I’m not sure I would if I was a SAHM. I did miss adult interaction on the days where it was only the baby and I, and I’m sure my husband recognized it when I talked his ear off the minute he walked in the door.  Plus if I stayed at home (and didn’t work) I wouldn’t have the funds to be able to enjoy the classes or trips I took during my time off.  I honestly never thought I could be a SAHM until I experienced it these past 3-weeks.  The only stress came from making sure the baby took enough naps during the day.  I mean come on!  That is the life, right?!  But I did drop him off for a few hours at his daycare and I can tell you that the way he lights up when he see’s our daycare provider and the kids there really makes me so happy.  He needs those kids and that play time just like Mommy needs her time at work to feel a sense of accomplishment and get in some adult interaction.  Yes, this is the way our family works best but it may not be the way all families work best.  I may be a tad bit jealous of my SAHM friends but 3-weeks is a vacation… Maybe if it was 3-months I’d be begging to go back to work?

ASU Graduation

I’m going to go off on a side note but I went to a play date with a few moms and kids from my mom’s group while I was off on leave…  One mom asked if anyone worked and most mom’s said, “no” but I of course I said “yes” and continued to say what I did for a living and why I was off on this random Wednesday.  I explained that for me its important to have adult time and the same goes for my baby, he needs time with other kids (people his age).  I kinda felt vulnerable as I talked about my story with these women I barely knew.  A few minutes before this, one mommy was criticizing another about not giving her daughter spirulina (sp?) for her digestive system problems and then going off on another about not using plastics.  Yes, I consider myself a natural mom but there are some things that you cannot always control.  I feel that we should use our opinions lightly and not judge others for the way they raise their children.  I’m not going to stop hanging around these mom’s just because there are a few opinionated women.  I will just tread lightly around them and focus my time on the women who aren’t judgmental.  I joined this group because I want to learn how to be a better holistic mom and I’m the 1st to admit that I am naive to a lot of ideas.  I don’t follow all the things I learn about but I am learning a lot about different opportunities that I could expose my son to either now or in the future.

Visiting Daddy's Work - Pierce College

Visiting Daddy's Work - Pierce College

Something that I have learned over the past (7) months is to not care what other people think especially when it comes to other mom’s.  I give this advice to every new mom ‘Trust your own instict!’  Listen to others advice but know that you are going to be the best mother you can be and only YOU know whats best for your child.  This goes for your family, work, and life too.

I know this blog doesn’t have much to do with fitness or nutrition but I do want people to know I can relate to both working and stay at home mom’s.  Being a mom is a full-time job either way and I wouldn’t have it any other way!

Only a few days left of ‘vacation’ and its back to reality on Monday…  Did I mentioned I’m so blessed?  It’s all about the attitude!!! (Thanks JW – xoxo)

Product Review: Beaba (baby food maker)

This was one of my favorite gifts that my girlfriends gave me for my shower (Thanks Katie, Jen, and Melissa!)


The best friends a girl (mama) could ask for!

I couldn’t wait to use it and make my own baby food, especially now that I get a box of fresh, organic, locally grown produce each week.  At first I was intimidated by all the parts but then I realized it was going to be super easy.  First you fill the top with water (follow booklet to see exactly how much but in most cases up to the 3rd line on the main container).   Then you but the strainer inside the main container and fill it to the top with clean produce.  Snap the top on and turn on the steam button. The steam feature takes about 15 minutes and once it’s done you take the produce out of the strainer and put it straight into the main part where the blade is.  Keep the remaining water in the bottom of the strainer to make it easier to blend the food.  Then you turn on the blender and your food goes from steamed to puréed.  So far we have made collard greens, beets, carrots… he will only be eating vegetables at first and then we can incorporate some fruits.  Being that I work full-time, the key will be to make at least a week’s worth of food on the weekend, freeze it, and then defrost pre-portioned amounts of food each night.   My little man is a good eater so I’m hoping that it will continue as we introduce new foods to his diet.  He didn’t really care for the collard greens, and at 28 years old, I had never tried Collard Greens in my life up until this past month, I have to say I wasn’t a fan the first time around.  But I am willing to try a new recipe and hope that that one will be a winner.  If you have that mindset for all new foods, you may surprise yourself and find something healthy that tastes really good.  There’s always more than one way to prepare everything, unless you’re a baby.  I guess Bode will have to wait till he’s older to try collard greens prepared another way besides puréed

Overall Grading – A

This is the perfect product for someone that doesn’t want to spend all day in the kitchen and prefers to feed their baby homemade baby food (whether that be for cost or health issues).  I can’t speak to the price of the product since it was a gift, but I’m sure in the long run this will end up saving you both time and money vs. the other baby food options.  I just hope this food processor lasts throughout the next 6+ months, I may just have to do a follow up blog to let you know!



The First Bite! (Collard Greens)

A little deceiving since he disliked the collard greens, but my baby is just a happy boy!


The Beaba in action (steam setting)

Full-Time Working Mom

This chapter in my life has provided me so much joy but it has also provided me with the biggest role of my life and that is being a working mother.  I never knew what this would be like until it actually happened to me.  I used to be so great at managing my time between working full-time, being a wife, daughter, grand-daughter, philanthropist, yoga instructor, friend…  And ever since I became a mom the only thing that is guaranteed to get taken care of is my son.  I used to come home from work and clean the house/do laundry, exercise, my yoga practice, cook a healthy delicious meal, watch television, walk the dog, and now I can barely manage to do half of these things.  I think the biggest key to getting through each night now is to find success in the small things.  Knowing that if the laundry doesn’t get done tonight or I didn’t get to run 3 miles it is okay.  My workouts have gone from 1+ hour(s) to 20 minutes long, my meals have gone from complicated to simple, laundry gets done on Sundays or not at all, and my DVR is building a library of shows that I will watch ‘some day’.   I think the most important thing right now is to cherish each moment of my son’s life, he will only be this age once and I don’t want to miss it because I am doing my ‘to do list’.  That does not mean that I won’t and don’t take care of myself.  I still need my own time to do things for myself but those things aren’t as important as they used to be when it was just me and my husband.  I refuse to let myself go because I am still a professional and I go to work each and every day still as myself.  I think that’s what makes working full-time so important.  My son gets to bond with other kids and learn how to be independent (from his mother) at day care.  And I get to have my own time at work.  My to-do list is longer than ever but I wouldn’t have it any other way.  Each morning I wake up and get to see this smiling face and it makes my day every time!  (click on the picture below and ENJOY!)