Product Review: Beaba (baby food maker)

This was one of my favorite gifts that my girlfriends gave me for my shower (Thanks Katie, Jen, and Melissa!)


The best friends a girl (mama) could ask for!

I couldn’t wait to use it and make my own baby food, especially now that I get a box of fresh, organic, locally grown produce each week.  At first I was intimidated by all the parts but then I realized it was going to be super easy.  First you fill the top with water (follow booklet to see exactly how much but in most cases up to the 3rd line on the main container).   Then you but the strainer inside the main container and fill it to the top with clean produce.  Snap the top on and turn on the steam button. The steam feature takes about 15 minutes and once it’s done you take the produce out of the strainer and put it straight into the main part where the blade is.  Keep the remaining water in the bottom of the strainer to make it easier to blend the food.  Then you turn on the blender and your food goes from steamed to puréed.  So far we have made collard greens, beets, carrots… he will only be eating vegetables at first and then we can incorporate some fruits.  Being that I work full-time, the key will be to make at least a week’s worth of food on the weekend, freeze it, and then defrost pre-portioned amounts of food each night.   My little man is a good eater so I’m hoping that it will continue as we introduce new foods to his diet.  He didn’t really care for the collard greens, and at 28 years old, I had never tried Collard Greens in my life up until this past month, I have to say I wasn’t a fan the first time around.  But I am willing to try a new recipe and hope that that one will be a winner.  If you have that mindset for all new foods, you may surprise yourself and find something healthy that tastes really good.  There’s always more than one way to prepare everything, unless you’re a baby.  I guess Bode will have to wait till he’s older to try collard greens prepared another way besides puréed

Overall Grading – A

This is the perfect product for someone that doesn’t want to spend all day in the kitchen and prefers to feed their baby homemade baby food (whether that be for cost or health issues).  I can’t speak to the price of the product since it was a gift, but I’m sure in the long run this will end up saving you both time and money vs. the other baby food options.  I just hope this food processor lasts throughout the next 6+ months, I may just have to do a follow up blog to let you know!



The First Bite! (Collard Greens)

A little deceiving since he disliked the collard greens, but my baby is just a happy boy!


The Beaba in action (steam setting)

One thought on “Product Review: Beaba (baby food maker)

  1. Nice! I was wondering how it would work out since we’ll be moving onto solids soon enough and I was considering getting a Beaba of my own. So excited for the rave review, that’s seals it!

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