Mary Kay® Products (Influenster)

I signed up for influenster a while ago but was most recently contacted that I had been chosen to receive samples (complimentary) from Mary Kay® and in exchange write my review on the products.  I have never tried this makeup before but I have heard good things from others that I know who have tried the products.  I received the following items:

  • Mary Kay® Lash Love Lengthening mascara in I ❤ Black ($15)
  • Mary Kay® Cream Eye Color/Concealer Brush ($10)
  • Mary Kay® Lash Primer ($15)
  • Mary Kay® Cream Eye Color in Violet Storm ($22)
  • Mary Kay® True Dimensions Lip Stick in Pink Cherie ($18)


I have been buying a lot of makeup lately since I’m still only 11 weeks postpartum and buying makeup is a lot more fun than clothes these days.  I’m working on getting my pre-baby body back but until that day its fun to feel pretty and feminine with new makeup.  Please note that all of the opinions below are my own.

Mary Kay® Lash Love Lengthening mascara in I ❤ Black

This is a great mascara with very fine bristles to create little to no clumping.  I love the long wand and the color is great too for day or night.

Mary Kay® Cream Eye Color/Concealer Brush

This is a great brush with nice bristles that seem to hold well.  I only used it with the cream eye shadow and I liked the way the product went on.  I still need to try it as a concealer brush, however I already have a concealer brush I like so I’m not very likely to use it for that purpose.

Mary Kay® Lash Primer

I had never used a primer for my lashes before trying this one.  I like it but I didn’t love it, not sure I would pay an extra $15 plus the added time to add this into my beauty routine.  However, that being said, it didn’t make a slight difference in the appearance of the mascara.

Mary Kay® Cream Eye Color in Violet Storm

This was my first experience with cream eye color.  I love purple so right from the beginning I was excited to try this product.  I like the way it went on my eyes but I’m not sure I would go for this over traditional powder eye colors.  I think I’d need a little more experience with this type of makeup.  Overall I thought it was a good product.

Mary Kay® True Dimensions Lip Stick in Pink Cherie

Overall this was my favorite item I received from Mary Kay®; I loved this color and would have never expected to love it so much.  It’s fun for summer and very trendy right now.  I include a picture below of me wearing it along with very simple ‘summertime’ makeup.


If you are interested in learning more about this makeup feel free to visit Mary Kay® website here.

Baby Girl 2nd Month


I wish I could say the 2nd month was easier than the 1st but life with a 2 year old and newborn is not easy to get used to, however I feel like Ally has changed a lot over the past month and she’s starting to develop her own personality.


I have been feeding Ally 100% breast milk which feels really amazing since I struggled with being able to provide the same for Bode when he was born.  I have however changed my diet slightly in hopes of helping Ally with her reflux.  I am doing a dairy free and gluten free diet which can be challenging at times but I think I’ve adjusted quite well.  And the best thing is I feel like Ally’s mood has changed and she doesn’t cry when she spits up anymore.  However, she definitely still spits up a ton but after talking with many other mama’s I’ve found that this is very common.  Bode didn’t really spit up much from what I can remember but they say all babies are different.  He mostly wore bibs because he drooled all the time, whereas she wears them all the time because of her constant spitting up.

In regards to sleep, I find no rhyme or reason to the nights where Ally sleeps and eats every 3 hours vs. the few nights where she has slept 5-6 hours in a row.  Some days she takes a long 3 hour nap during the day and others she takes a few 1 hour naps throughout the day.  I’m looking forward to sleep training in a few weeks and hopefully she is a good student.  Ally now sleeps in her own room at night and for most naps but I’ve also put her in the rock and play for a few naps.


Ally has such a sweet personality; she seems to have a curious soul with a very timid smile that makes me melt.  Her zodiac sign is Taurus, which I’m not too familiar with but I found this description online:

If you were to describe the typical Taurus temperament, you would probably use words such as “cautious”, “practical” and “purposeful”. One word you definitely wouldn’t use is “impulsive”.

Simplicity is what appeals to you — you can’t stand pompousness and look-at-me behavior. You know that beauty is not about what you wear or what hairstyle you have.

You enjoy getting your hands dirty with gardening, practical hobbies and odd jobs around the home. Hard work does not scare you in the least.

Taurus is a touchy-feely sign, which means you rely on your feelings rather than your mind when you try to understand your experiences.

Once your mind is made up, you have amazing persistence and follow through, plus tons of energy — you rarely give up on a task once you have decided on it. And you’ll stick to your guns, even if you’re being provoked, tempted or ridiculed. This will be a blessing at some times and a curse at others.

You also have a great love affair with the finer things in life. If you could find a servant to help with all the boring jobs you hate, you could live the luxurious life you dream of!

You are a great mate. When you agree to help someone, you go to any lengths to keep your word. You’ll never let yourself or others down. You are extremely dependable.  You’re also exceptionally sensitive and very patient. You’re prepared to wait as long as it takes for the right moment to act and you seize

I read all of these things and thought that if this is Allyson’s personality she will be a great fit with our family.  I’m a Leo, Matt a Scorpio, and Bode a Libra… I’m not really 100% convinced that zodiac signs are true to everyone but for the most part I find that many people fit their sign.

This month we took our first trip to the beach and it was also our first trip with her outside of our valley.  Although we had to make a few stops for potty breaks (Bode was potty trained this month) and for feeding sessions for Ally, overall we had a great time since it was over 100 degrees in our valley.  We plan to make a few more trips this summer.

Funny Moments

I think when you have a 2 year old and newborn you kind of have to have a sense of humor to get through each day.  I don’t know what it is but both kids tend to ‘cry’ at the same time every day – one is usually hungry and the other is usually asking for attention but either way it can seem chaotic.  So with a little sense of humor it makes the days seem so much easier.  I have to say though, I find myself wanting to cry alongside them sometimes when it’s just me and the kiddos.  It can be very draining, as most parents know!

Diaper size – size 1

Clothing size – 0-3 months

Nicknames – Al, Ally, Squishy

2-Month Hair color – brown (lots of the receding hairline)

2-Month eye color –blue

2-Month Weight – 9lb 8 oz

2-Month Height – 22 inches

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