Baby Yogi

I think my favorite part about being a new mom is having the opportunity to watch my baby develop and grow.  He is moving closer and closer to crawling each day and I realized his development runs like a yoga class…

Sukhasana – seated pose

close enough... right?

Childs pose


This one needs the motion, so try using your imagination


Upward Facing Dog

Downward Facing Dog/Plank

Reclining Big Toe

At Mommy and Me yoga 🙂

Wide Angled Seated Forward Bend

And maybe a foot in the mouth...


He's got pretty good form if you ask me!

Legs up the wall

Or legs up the hamper, same thing right?

Happy Baby

Corpse pose

Ending this 'practice' with my sweet little newborn yawning on the changing table 🙂

Looks like we were all meant to be yogi’s… Now give it a try, can you do these simple poses?  Try to hold each pose for at least 5 full breaths.


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