Ally 11th Month

And the 1 year birthday countdown has begun…  What a crazy busy month its been and sadly I barely took any pictures.  The two biggest things that have happened over the past month are 1) Ally got tubes put in her ears and 2) we sold our first home and are moving into a new home around May 1st.  Selling our home this past month was not something we initially planned to do in 2014, however it just seemed like the right timing with the market values and wanting to move into a larger home.  The next few months will be busy, busy as we move and get settled in but it will be so exciting to have a bigger backyard for the summertime and be closer to both of our families.  Ally’s surgery went really well, she only had it done a few days ago but she already seems so much more easy going and relaxed.  We are hoping that this will make everything so much better and that ear infections are a thing of the past.


I feel so excited to say that I will definitely be making it to the 1 year mark for nursing.  I’m slowly lowering the amount of pumping I’m doing during the day but I have enough milk stored in the freezer to last throughout the next month.  Ally can eat most foods, even things that I’m not sure if she can eat yet we attempt to give it to her anyhow, and shes also a lot less apprehensive to try new things, especially if they come off my plate.

I have officially dropped the ‘dream feed’ that I have been continuing to do over the past few months.  Mostly because I was afraid Ally would wake up in the middle of the night hungry, but she hasn’t!  She is still consistent with her sleep schedule, usually goes to bed around 7pm and gets up around 6am with 1-2 naps during the day usually lasting anywhere from 45 minutes to 2 hours.


Ally is a very active little girl, I let her crawl around the backyard (and of course dirty her pants) and she just loves following her big brother all over the place.  Its funny because we hadn’t done much stroller time in the past few months mostly because I’m either carrying Ally in the ergo or she is in the cart at the store but we have been going on walks lately and she has been loving the stroller time, especially facing outward.  

Diaper size – size 3

Clothing size –6-12 month clothes

Nicknames – Al, Ally, Ally-Boo-Boo

8-Month Hair color – brown

8-Month eye color –blue

8-Month Weight –  TBD

8-Month Height –  TBD

What’s up with Bode?

Bode is excited about our big move to the new house and of course his sister’s birthday next month.  Also, we know that all of these new changes will probably be difficult for our little guy. We will be doing lots of preparation by having him help us pack and talking about the move to help with the adjustment. By the time I write about Ally’s first birthday we’ll be in our new house with a 3 ½ year old and 1 year old. Exciting times!

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