February 29th: Last February Post (Reflection…)

As I reflect on this month I have realized that writing a blog a day is not as hard as I thought it was going to be! Things like ‘taking and uploading pictures’ make it slightly more tedious but when I look back at those entries they happen to be some of my favorites… Who doesn’t like looking at pictures? My original New Years resolution was to blog 1x/week but I know after completing this month’s challenge that I can blog 2-3x/week. So I’ve decided to ‘name’ 2 days of the week where I will either dedicate to food or yoga/meditation and if I’m feeling extra ‘chatty’ I’ll include a 3rd blog about general Fitness or Mommyhood… So I’d like to formally introduce:

  • Foodie Friday – I will be sharing some of my favorite recipes, restaurants, tips on how to prepare meals, nutrition facts, healthy dining idea, and anything regarding food… Coming Soon!
  • Meditation Monday – This will be a refletction on either a motivating quote for the day to help you get through the hardest day of the week and/or some yoga poses to help you keep calm and relax… Coming soon!

Thanks for following this month!

2 thoughts on “February 29th: Last February Post (Reflection…)

  1. So proud of you for completing the challenge. I don’t care what you say, blogging every day is difficult! Looking forward to the weekly challenges. Restaurant tip – if you want to maybe photograph your food for the Friday entries try to go to a restaurant for lunch and sit on the patio so you get all that great natural lighting to show off your plate :).

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