February 28th: Name Frame

I actually came up with this idea after seeing a friends wedding gift (Mrs. Dell) a few years back… She has it on her mantle and every time I go over to her place I think ‘I need to do that!’  Well recently I found a Flickr account on Pinterest (the site was unavailable at the time I posted this blog but I’ll update in the next few days with the link or go to my ‘for the home’ section on Pinterest…) with all different letter options to use.  I got lucky because my married last name is only 4-letters (vs. my maiden name which is 7-letters).  And so you would think it would be super easy to find a 4 sectioned frame, you’d be wrong!  It was much harder than I thought, until I found this beautiful one that fits my home decor perfectly from Home Goods.  I got it for $29.99.  I printed out different letters from Sam’s Club (total of $1.70) to see which would fit best in the frame and in the entryway where I hung the picture, here is my final result… I love it!  And the best thing is that this custom piece only cost me about $32.00!

I’m realizing more and more that I need to work on my photography skills… maybe its time to take a class!

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