February 14th: Valentines Day

NaBloPoMo Valentine’s Prompt – “Tell us about someone you love…”

The person I decided to spotlight on this blog post is my husband.  We have been together since right after graduating High School in 2000 (almost 12 years now) and I’m so lucky to be married to my best friend!  We’ve managed to stay together even though we were long distance for half of our college careers and 6 months of him working for the Angel’s minor league baseball system in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, we’ve purchased and raised a dog together, gone through the wedding planning process, purchased our first home, but having a child together has been the most life changing experience ever.  My son looks so much like my husband, and every time I look into his eyes I’m reminded of the love of my life and what an amazing gift we’ve been given.  Being a parent is what unconditional love is all about.  I’ve never had more love in my life than I do now with my little family.  My husband is not the most romantic person in the world but he does support me and is always there to hold my hand when I need him.  He did however surprise me  today when he stopped by my work to deliver pink tulips, a card, and my favorite green smoothie from whole foods. I’m a lucky gal!

It’s always fun to have an excuse to buy those that you love something thoughtful.  I bought my boys Disney shirts for our future trip to Disneyland and some sweets from our favorite local cookie shop – Lady Di’s.  In fact, we love Lady Di’s so much, we served them as our favors for our wedding which was almost 3 years ago.  Tonight we celebrate, as we have on past Valentine’s, with takeout and relaxing at home together.  Happy Valentines to everyone out there, whether you are spending it with your significant other, kids, parents, extended family members, friends, or pets, cherish the ones you love because there is nothing more valuable in life! xoxo

Pre-Valentine's Day homemade chocolate covered strawberries 🙂

Gifts for my Loves...

Chocolate-Caramel covered Apple

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