February 15th: 16 Months

16 months ago today, Bode Diego was born…  And at this age, his personality is really starting to come out!  He is a very curious little boy, with little fear of anything, loves to be adventurous, has a sweet tooth, and enjoys a good laugh.  He proudly shouts “Da-da” with a big smile, and whine’s “Ma-ma” whenever he needs some comforting.  While his vocabulary isn’t very big right now, he can speak a few phrases like “where’d it go”, “oh, no”, “uh, oh”, “all done”… And whatever he doesn’t know how to say he once again calls it “Da-da” (like our dog – Boss).  He continues to hate both shoes and socks but loves animals, especially dogs.  Anytime he sees an animal on T.V. or on the street he points them out and begins barking with a high pitch voice, “woof, woof”.  He loves books, and if we don’t get the chance to read in the afternoon, we always double up and make bath time, reading time!  With each new month I always think, “it can’t get any better than this,” and it does!  The fact that I can now communicate with my little boy makes having a baby feel more like having a little human.  My favorite time of the day during the week is when I pick him up from Daycare.  As I walk around the corner, and he sees me, his face lights up, and he runs into my arms.  This is the most amazing feeling because I know he missed me as much as I missed him.  Being a working mom is tough because I know I’m missing out on new discoveries or changes he makes in his life.  But I’m constantly reminding myself that my working is helping us both to become independent.  Me without having a baby (running) next to me at all times, and him without his Mommy constantly trying to hold his hand and guide him everywhere.  As I reflect back on this month, I could sit here and say all the things that I am looking forward to but instead I’ll just be grateful for the present time and all the exciting moments that we share…

Watching Daddy reading a book...

Being silly with milk on his face...

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