Goals for the New Year – 2012 Edition

Another year has passed and its time for my New Year’s resolutions…

  • Once again, my goal is to blog once a week about life, fitness, nutrition, and yoga.  Along with this goal I plan to also take the time to organize my blog and update the formatting to include an actual website with multiple pages.
  • Spend less time stressing and more time laughing.  I always tend to take on more things than I can handle but this year I plan to handle the mutli-tasking better.  I will prioritize and not let my busy life stress me out… Plus laughing burns extra calories!
  • I’m going to enjoy the last of my 20’s as I move forward into my 30’s…  like a fine wine, life only gets better as we age!

What are your New Year’s Resolutions?  Think about things that will help make you a better person and goals that are actually obtainable…



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