Goals for the New Year – 2012 Edition

Another year has passed and its time for my New Year’s resolutions…

  • Once again, my goal is to blog once a week about life, fitness, nutrition, and yoga.  Along with this goal I plan to also take the time to organize my blog and update the formatting to include an actual website with multiple pages.
  • Spend less time stressing and more time laughing.  I always tend to take on more things than I can handle but this year I plan to handle the mutli-tasking better.  I will prioritize and not let my busy life stress me out… Plus laughing burns extra calories!
  • I’m going to enjoy the last of my 20’s as I move forward into my 30’s…  like a fine wine, life only gets better as we age!

What are your New Year’s Resolutions?  Think about things that will help make you a better person and goals that are actually obtainable…


What Motivates YOU?

I’m currently on detox mode for the next week before my vacation in Hawaii due to all the wonderful holiday celebrations I have attended over the past week… This means: 1-2 workouts/day, no sweets, and well balanced meals! 

One of the top New Year’s Resolutions each and every year is to lose weight, are you one of those people that has set this goal? Did you obtain it last year? This is a great opportunity to make a change and instead of striving to lose weight, why don’t you strive to be a little healthier. Small changes will make a larger impact in the long run and help you achieve your overall weight goals. And instead of year after year setting the same goal, you may find yourself setting new goals to push yourself in ways you never thought possible (i.e. training for a marathon, joining a co-ed softball team, hiking at your favorite national park, learning to surf…)

The hardest part about making these changes are the fact that you may not see results overnight. It’s important to reward yourself as you hit milestones so that you stay motivated throughout these changes. Here are some ideas I have to help reward yourself (and I have used them myself) as you make a change to a healthier you:

• Workout outfit (shorts/pants, shirt)

• $25.00 i-tunes gift card for some new workout jams

• Workout shoes

• Bathing suit

• Facial

• New book

• Restorative yoga class

• Massage

• Subscription to a health related magazine

• New workout accessory (workout gloves, headband/sweatband, socks)

• Manicure/pedicure

You can certainly tailor this list to your ‘favorite’ things and/or if there are any specific sports that you enjoy participating in…

Use these incentives to keep you going so that you can obtain your goals. Some milestones might include losing ½-1 pound/week, bringing lunch every day to work instead of eating out, eating 5 servings of fruits and veggies daily, attending the gym 5 days/week, walking 2-3 miles/day…

And once you obtain your goal remember that maintenance can be just as hard, so it’s important to surround yourself with positive people that have the same goals in mind and help keep you on track. Or maybe you can motivate a friend or family member to join your movement to a healthier you! Having a healthy body and mind is the best gift we can give ourselves. It will help us as we age to not get injured and to bounce back quicker after an illness or disease and as a parent it will allow us to be good role models for our children. Wishing you ALL the best this holiday season!