Dear 2011…

Dear 2011,

I am writing this message to you as a farewell… I am looking forward to 2012 and new beginnings!  You have brought me many up’s and down’s but I’m thankful for this year.  These are the times that make us who we are.  Last year (2010) was one of the most blessed years of my life with the birth of my son and the purchase of our first home, so I think it was hard to follow such a high point in our lives. Going back to my yoga roots and remembering that each opportunity is an experience for us to learn and grow.  I was reminded this year that I have the most amazing group of family and friends who will not only support me in the high points of my life but in the very low.  I can honestly say I’m a better person for these experiences and moving forward I plan to give back all the love I have received.   I am making something of this life I was blessed with and working to be a good role model for our son.  The most important thing that you have taught me is that happiness and beauty lies within and no one can define who you are! 

Thank YOU! 


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