Hello, anyone there?

Sorry I’ve neglected my blog for over a month now but it’s time to get back into it! I swear I’ve been busy with life, but aren’t we all? Yeah I know, ‘excuses, excuses’… But it’s time to get motivated to get back on track… I don’t know what it is but I feel like the busier I am the more productive I am, does anyone else feel like this? I’ve been busy lately but not that busy, just keeping up on “The Housewives” and doing a lot more cooking, lots of listening out for new words with my baby boy, took my first Hot yoga class, and I’ve even been taking more time to meditate and that always makes for a happier Nicole…

I’ll start back up with Foodie Friday this week… I have a few recipes that I have tried out recently that have blown me away with taste and easiness, thanks to Pinterest! Plus I’m thinking of starting a blog/day in the month of May that includes a picture of myself along with my diet and exercise plan for each day. My goal is to get down to my ‘wedding weight’ before my 30th birthday and hopefully before we decide to add another member to our family. I know this challenge will keep me accountable for my actions as well as motivate me to stay on track! Stay tuned…

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