February 19th: Diaper Bag Must Have’s

Whats in my Diaper Bag?

Some of my favorite Mommy blogs have weekly entries where they ask some of their favorite followers to post what’s in their diaper bag… So I thought I’d share with you what my top 10 things are inside of my diaper bag…

Bag of Choice:  Petunia Pickle Bottom Diaper Bag/Backpack

  1. I-phone (although I’m in desperate need of an upgrade!)

  1. Pampers Diapers and wipes

  1. Baby Snacks

  1. Mini First Aid Kit

  1. Extra t-shirt for the baby (You never know when you might have an accident!)

  1. Plastic bags for ‘trash’ or messy clothes

  1. Sippy Cup with Water

  1. Wallet (Lodis – which I won from Melissa Dell’s contest)

  1. Disposable disinfectant wipes

  1. A favorite Book or Toy

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