February 18th: Weekly Menu (February 19-24th)

Last week’s menu was kind of a disaster… We had some plumbing issues in our kitchen sink which forced us to eat out a few extra days and nights, along with me forgetting that we always get takeout on Valentine’s Day (since I figure I deserve a night off from cooking), but we did eat what we purchased, it just wasn’t in the order that I had originally planned. But that’s life right? So this week I’m hoping the same thing doesn’t happen but it’s always good to know that ‘things’ will come up!

Sunday – Fish (Cod or Tilapia) Tacos with homemade guacamole

Monday – Chicken Enchiladas with Side Salad (make Sunday night so I just have to put in oven on Monday)

Tuesday – Broiled Salmon with Honey-Dijon marinade, mashed yams, and Steamed Broccoli

Wednesday – Organic Sausage and Veggie Omelets (Breakfast for Dinner)

Thursday – Chicken sautéed in Coconut oil, with Avocado-Edamame spread, cucumber, lettuce & tomato, in a wrap

Friday – Takeout (as always!)

Dinner Grocery List:

Cod or Tilapia

Corn tortillas x2

Avocados x4

Organic Chicken x2




Shredded Carrots

Bell Peppers

Ezekiel wraps

Limes x3

Honey(check cupboard*)

Dijon (check refrigerator*)

Enchilada Sauce



Broccoli (check freezer*)

Frozen Edamame

Organic Sausage

Organic Eggs

Vegan Cheese


Coconut Oil (Check refrigerator*)

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