February 12th: How to Create a Weekly Menu…

Menu planning has to be one of the most relaxing parts of my week. I’m a ‘list’ person so any excuse to make lists makes me happy!

I always start off with the most expensive part of the meal or the main substance that creates it – for us and most people its meat (especially because I only eat Organic meat)… Next I think about how many times my husband will be eating dinner with us or working late… This week he’ll be eating all meals with us. Once that is determined, I can start to put the meat sources under the day we’ll be eating them here is an example:

Sunday – Salmon

Monday – Organic Chicken

Tuesday – Ground Organic Beef

Wednesday – Tilapia or Cod (whichever is cheaper this week) **I always cook fish the day I purchase it or else it will go bad!

Thursday – Organic Chicken

Friday – Eat Out!

Saturday – Organic Chicken

Next I will plan my vegetables around the meal, whether it will be a salad or steamed veggies. I try to overlap where I can so that nothing goes to waste…

Sunday – Salmon + steamed Broccoli

Monday – Organic Chicken + sautéed bell peppers + raw carrots

Tuesday – Ground Organic Beef + Lettuce and Carrots to make lettuce wraps

Wednesday – Tilapia or Cod + Side Salad

Thursday – Organic Chicken + Salad

Friday – Eat Out!

Saturday – Organic Chicken + Chinese Chicken Salad Mix

After I balance out my meals with a small carbohydrate, I can officially post the menu… well posting in my mind is emailing or texting my husband… ‘This is what’s for dinner this week honey’ haha… But I am planning on making or investing in a large decorative chalkboard so that I can physically post my menu for my family to see each week!

I understand that many people are on a budget so I think the best way to eat healthy and well is to not waste the food you are purchasing. Perhaps you could use meat sparingly and fill up on vegetables like a large salad. You can find some great deals on produce at your local farmers market and locally grown produce is 2nd to organic so its a great choice verus purchasing from the grocery store. Another tip is to make things from scratch. There are so many convenient options out there but in reality you are saving time but not money on these items. Think about whats most important to you because in some cases time may be more important, each family is different! But remember that buying good, quality food is an investment in your life. If you take care of your body now, you will live to be healthier with less pain and age better.

Final Next week’s menu:

Sunday – Salmon, Steamed Broccoli, Couscous

Monday – Organic Chicken Fajitas

Tuesday – Ground Organic Beef Lettuce wraps

Wednesday – Breaded Cod or Tilapia, side salad, and whole grain rolls

Thursday – Organic Chicken over mixed green salad with whole grain rolls

Friday – Eat Out!

Saturday –Chinese Chicken Salad

2 thoughts on “February 12th: How to Create a Weekly Menu…

  1. I love how healthy your menu is! I actually try to plan my menu so we eat leftovers a couple nights a week, that way I only really need to cook 3-4 meals. We’ll do takeout one night and I just lean cuisine it when Brent works late on Fridays.

  2. I always try to plan everything healthy and organized but its funny how life always works out… our sink got stopped up and the home warranty isn’t sending anyone till tomorrow night so tonight and tomorrow is eating out (which is good for V-day) but there goes all my planning 😉

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