My Dearest Bode…

My Dearest Bode,

Happy 3rd birthday my love…

I remember just three short years ago when we were at the hospital waiting for your arrival, that day after all the pain and high emotions I named you my angel.  The only thing that could erase it all was looking at my beautiful gift in the end and I am so thankful that I was blessed with you as my baby boy.  As I look back on this past year it’s been a roller-coaster of a ride.  You have tested both your Daddy and I physically and emotionally.  How far we have come this year, the ‘terrible twos ‘ set in around January and peaked upon the arrival of your baby sister in May.  I honestly think if we had even a glimpse of what was coming we may have never decided to get pregnant with your sister.  But we learned how to manage your attitude and did our best as parents to love you even when you made us both angry.

I love your energy and how when we think we’ve tired you out, you always seem to get a second wind.  That definitely means you have a future in sports, whether or not you are an all-star will depend on your work ethic but I know for sure you will be out there either way burning off some of that energy.

Most recently I’ve been lucky enough to have a few park and picnic dates with you while Grandma watches Ally.  I can’t tell you how great it feels to give you 1:1 attention.  I’m sorry I couldn’t do it more often over these past 5 months since Ally came into our lives.  Please know that you will never be replaced and instead your Daddy and I have given you a best friend in life.  I can already see how much she idolizes you and it’s only a few more months till she is chasing and mimicking your every move.  You are an amazing big brother always trying to get your sister to smile and most importantly stop crying.  We pretend that she is having conversations with us at the dinner table every night when we ask her, “Ally, what do you think… Goo goo or Ga Ga?”  Or when she is crying to be held while I’m cooking dinner every night and you come over to her and show her your blocks or cars to distract her.  I’m looking forward to more Mommy and Bode dates this next year.

I think the hardest thing you’ve had to adjust to since Ally arrived is the attention.  You are no longer the only one getting attention around here.  Being the only grandchild definitely has its perks with all the attention you would get from family.  You will still be the first grandchild (on both sides) which you should know holds a very special place in everyone’s hearts and therefore you will never stop getting attention and love.  I for one will never stop giving you attention whenever I can.  You just need to be more patient with me now that I have the 2 of you.  I think my favorite example is most nights when you tip toe into the nursery when I am nursing Ally before bedtime and whisper things to me just so you can be there and get some attention, even though you don’t really need me at the moment.  I love welcoming your conversation and then reminding you that once Ally goes to bed its all about ‘Bode time’.

While this year has been difficult at times I can also see how much preschool has made a huge impact on you already.  Your listening skills have improved as well as your communication skills.  These 2 things alone have really helped you grow and mature.  I love that you have new friends to socialize with and have a teacher to help guide you and teach you.  These are all new experiences that I know will mold you into the person you are going to be.  I love when you talk to me about your day at school and share your artwork with me that we happily display on our refrigerator.  I’m so proud of all your talents.

Today we started off the day by waking up in your room filled with birthday signs and balloons.  We all went out to breakfast as a family and then dropped you off for the day at your preschool.  I sent you to school with a special lunch – Mickey shaped almond butter and jelly sandwich, apple slices, strawberry-banana flavored yogurt, apple juice, and a cookie that you picked out at the grocery store.  You also got to share cookies with all of your friends at preschool.  They made you a birthday crown and sang happy birthday to you.  After school you came home and raced upstairs to see your new big boy bed that Mommy and Daddy bought you for your birthday.  Then I made sliders and tater tots for dinner.  After dinner we sang Happy Birthday and had ice cream cake from Cold Stone Creamery.  Once Ally went to bed, we had ‘Bode time’ and played cars, watched the baseball game, took a bath, and read a book before saying good night.  It took you awhile to finally fall asleep because you were so excited about your new bed but eventually you did around 9pm.

Happy Birthday to my sweet angel, I can’t wait to see what experiences this next year brings!



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