36 Weeks #9months

Sorry no pics this week BUT the nursery should be complete for my next blog post… Stay tuned!

How far along are you? 36 weeks

Size of Baby:  baby is the size of a Crenshaw melon

Favorite Maternity clothes this week? leggings and dresses

Stretch marks? no

How’s your Sleep?  Tossing and turning all night but I’m getting some rest, I know it only gets worse once the baby arrives because it will be a lot more broken up. 

Favorite moment this week?  Last week of work!  I still have a lot of errands to run while I’m off but at least I won’t have to commit to much of a schedule and I can do things on my own time until the baby arrives. 

Do you miss anything? My clothes (nothing unusual)

Do you have any Food cravings? Nachos

Anything making you Nauseas? No

Mood?  Good because I’m finally on leave…

What are you looking forward to? Some relaxation at home, nesting to get ready for Ally, and bonding with Bode since there’s only a few more weeks of him being our only child.

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