28 weeks

Sorry no picture this week…

How far along are you? 28 weeks (approximately 7 months)

Size of Baby: Chinese cabbage

Favorite Maternity clothes this week? Leggings and stretchy tight tops, which basically is anything super comfy!

Stretch marks? No

How’s your Sleep? Good. I was actually thinking about how much better my sleep has been this pregnancy vs. with Bode because it’s so much easier to sleep when it’s cold vs. hot outside!

Favorite moment this week? The realization that I only have 2 months left of work before maternity leave, definitely reassuring because its already starting to get hard to dress this bump every morning.

Do you miss anything? Back to missing sushi, I could seriously go for some sashimi.

Do you have any Food cravings? Sweets.

Anything making you Nauseas? No, but I have started getting afternoon ‘morning sickness’ again.

Mood? Well I guess it depends on what day of the week you ask but lately happy and relaxed.

What are you looking forward to? Having our nursery 100% completed. Just a few more finishing touches need to happen like new windows, paint, and shutters over the next few weeks and then I can start decorating… Plus I’m really anxious to reveal the name so hopefully that will happen in the next few weeks too!

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