February 25th: Weekly Menu (last week of February…)

This week I’m only going to post Sunday – Wednesday dinner menu’s because, starting next month, I’m going to attempt to do a monthly menu vs. a weekly menu. Wow has this monthly flown by! I can’t believe we’re already almost in March… I’m loving this beautiful spring weather we’ve been having here in Southern California, it makes for some amazing produce and lots of choices at our local farmers market. I’ve been continuing to mix my menu’s with some of our classic recipes and a few new ones that I have pinned on Pinterest. This has been making menu planning so much more exciting and so far we’ve found some great new recipes to add to our collection.

Sunday – Blackened Mahi Taco Salad

Monday – Eggplant, Chicken, Goat Cheese roll-ups… New Recipe that I exchanged with a friend and I hope to blog about if it turns out as good as it sounds!

Tuesday – Organic Hamburger Salad

Wednesday – Asian Organic Beef Salad or lettuce wraps with sautéed bell peppers and carrots

Dinner Shopping List:

Mahi – Freezer aisle at Trader Joe’s

Organic spring mix


Avocado (x4)

Coconut Oil (check refrigerator)


Bell peppers



Organic Chicken

Goat cheese

Pine nuts (check cupboard)

Marinara sauce

Low Sodium Soy sauce (check cupboard)

Olive Oil (check cupboard)

Ground Organic Beef

Organic Eggs Flour (check cupboard)

Salsa Paprika (check cupboard)

Thyme (check cupboard)

Onion Powder (check cupboard)

Garlic Powder (check cupboard)

Cumin (check cupboard)

Nutmeg (check cupboard)

Cayenne Pepper (check cupboard)

March Menu to follow on Friday’s Blog post!

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