February 21st: Fat Tuesday!

Happy Fat Tuesday! I’ll be enjoying my ‘day of sin’ with my 1 glass of red wine tonight with dinner… party animal!!! I’ll save the partying for the single, young people. Not, that I’m old, because I’m definitely young at heart (and technically still in my 20’s), but on a Tuesday evening where I have to be at work early the next morning, I’d much rather stay in with my family. Besides, we had a rough night of sleep last night, where our little one decided that it was time to wake up at 4am (which is very unlike him), and finally went back to sleep around 6am (conveniently about the time I wake up to get ready for work).

Tomorrow is Ash Wednesday and, while I’m not Catholic, I’ve decided to give up something that I have been eating all too often lately – Chocolate! I think the only way to stop my cravings is to stop indulging and give it up till Easter. Then maybe I can go back to drinking my nightly tea instead of having some chocolate after dinner. So as of tomorrow, I will no longer being eating any chocolate until Easter (April 8th). Are you giving up anything this year for Lent? Even if you aren’t religious, know that it takes about 3-weeks to break a habit, maybe this is the time to give up something in your life that is sinful…

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