February 8th: Baby (Boy) Fashion

I love shopping for my son, in fact I spend more money and time shopping for him than myself.  Its just too much fun dressing him up like a little man!  I can’t even imagine if I had a girl what my spending habits would be like?  I, like most Mom’s of boys, wish there was more of a selection for boys clothes because a typical kids section includes 1/3 boys clothes and 2/3 girls clothes.  I guess thats probably typical for any department though (men vs. woman) since women just have more of a selection of things to wear.  Anyways…  I was watching a video blog of Kourtney Kardashian (who is the Mom of one of my favorite stylish babies – Mason Disick) and she was talking about how even for babies the shoes make the outfit.  So while an outfit can be cute, if the shoes are not, than the baby can look ‘dorky’, ha-ha!  I guess even babies can look like dorks.  I do have a confession, and most of my close Mommy friends already know this about me but I have a thing about Boys in overalls, let’s just say you will NEVER see my son in them.  Some of my favorite spots for baby fashion are Target, H&M, Baby Gap, Old Navy, Marshall’s, and I’ve been to a few consignment sales looking for my favorite brands as well…

And here are some of my favorite looks for the spring 2012…

Baby Gap knit blazer

H&M sweater

H&M sweater

I can’t afford this for myself, but how cute is Mason Disick in Burberry!

Old Navy Oxford Shirt

Target - Wouldn't these be so cute for Easter with some dark denim?

Bode in Baby Gap shorts, Native shoes, and plaid oxford shirt from Target 🙂

2 thoughts on “February 8th: Baby (Boy) Fashion

  1. Ohmigosh I can’t wait to see Bode in boat shoes this summer! And the overall thing is so funny; I was actually shopping with my cousin for her baby boy and she picked out some overalls that she thought were so cute and I couldn’t help but think about how Bode wouldn’t be caught dead in those. lol. If I have a boy and put him in O-As, don’t judge, kay? 🙂

  2. LOL, I meant to respond to your comment awhile ago… I know a lot of little boys who wear overalls, I’m just saying that mine will not be (hehe)… I would still love your lil man if he wears them!

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