PB and J – Cake Balls Recipe

I grew up eating a lot of diet foods like lean cuisines and sugar-free products but these days I live the philosophy of everything in moderation and by everything I mean real foods. So I’ve replaced splenda with real sugar and large portions with smaller portions. I think its important to be able to live your life for the things that you enjoy and food is definitely one of the things that I enjoy in life. I’m very blessed to have amazing friends and this holiday I’ve been invited to a Holiday Sweet Exchange, which is similar to a cookie exchange but doesn’t limit your sweets to only cookies. So I’ve decided to make my take on PB & J Cake balls. I figured it might be fun seeing as it’s the holidays and everyone is baking this time of year to blog about how to make these delicious treats.


Strawberry cake mix (and ingredients as needed to make the cake)

Peanut Butter candies

1 can of Cream cheese frosting


First step – Bake the cake as directed on the box and allow it to cool.

cake baked and crumbled up in the pan

Second step – Mix the cooled cake with a 1 can of frosting and roll into individual balls. Freeze the balls for at least 1 hour+ so that they harden.

Cake + Frosting

'cake balls'

Third step – Melt the peanut candies in the microwave (30 seconds at a time, stirring in between, until they are completely melted). Take the cake balls out of the freezer and dip them in the melted candies using a spoon (or two) to completely cover each ball. Place them on parchment paper to cool.

PB & J cake balls

Fourth step – Once the chocolate has set, you can plate them and serve them to your guests.

I also took a few additional pictures of all the holiday goodies from the event I attended – YUM!

sweet treats

Yummy food and treats and a great bunch of ladies equals a great time! Thanks for hosting Jen xoxo

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