Santa Clarita Half Marathon – November 6, 2011

Finisher Medal (Bad Picture - taken from my iphone and I happened to be shaking from being wet and cold)

13.1 miles later I finished my half marathon! I ran the Santa Clarita half marathon on Sunday, November 6th. My official time was – 2 hours and 31 minutes. Not too bad for my first race post-baby! It was a cold and rainy Sunday morning in November but I was prepared after months of training. I had all my gear on and I was ready to hit the streets of Santa Clarita. It was a relatively flat course and most of the race took place on paseos which are trails (not streets) in the community. I actually ended up racing with my Mom who didn’t train with me but she is a natural athlete who does primarily triathlons these days so she was able to catch up in her miles and race it with me. I took a few pictures before and after the race with my gear. It was actually a very emotional moment for me to cross the finish line because I remember just a few years ago I wasn’t able to run without awful pain in my hips and knees.  I finished strong but hope to beat my time on my next race.  For those of you who have ran distance, you know that there is nothing like a ‘runners high’.  I felt amazing that whole day in spirit but by the end of the night I was feeling it in my legs and I could barely walk up and down the stairs in my house.  I will take the next few days to do some walking and recover before I begin running again next week.

Start line at SCV half/full marathon approximately 46 degrees and raining


Mile 5... and still raining!


Mile 10... And we have sun!


Mile 12... 1.1 to go!

Here is the training program that I did which started back mid-July…

Week 1: 2 ½ miles

Week 2: 3 ½ miles

Week 3: 4 ½ miles

Week 4: 6 miles

Week 5: 6 miles

Week 6: 7 miles

Week 7: 8 miles

Week 8: 5 miles

Week 9: 9 miles

Week 10: 5 ½ miles

Week 11: 10 miles

Week 12: 5 ½ miles

Week 13: 11 miles

Week 14: 12 miles

Week 15: 3 miles

Week 15: 7 miles

Week 16: ½ Marathon – 13.1 miles

Mid-week I would do 1-2 training runs that varied between 2 and 3 miles each.

Next week I already start my training for the Tinkerbell ½ marathon at Disneyland which takes place on Sunday January 29, 2012. This is a race that I am participating in through Team in Training… (more to come about TNT in future postings) Please visit my fundraising page if you haven’t done so already and donate to the cause…

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