November Challenge Revealed…

I thought long and hard about this month’s challenge because I wanted it to reflect my lifestyle but incorporate something to help me be a better person.  So I analyzed each of the different challenges and I think I came up with the best challenge for me this month. 

  • 30 days as a vegan – One of my favorite holidays is Thanksgiving, not only because I get to spend the day with my family but because I get to enjoy my mom’s home cooked meal.  So I knew it would be impossible for me to give up this tradition.  However I will consider this challenge in the spring when there are more fresh produce options and less holidays to interfere with my commitment.
  • 30 days of 100 squats/day – This is a great way to get bikini body ready but I’ll also be in the midst of training for another half marathon and I don’t’ want my sore legs to interfere with my training. 
  • 30 days of 8 or more servings of fruits/vegetables daily – I love this idea especially because it would be fun to get creative with my fruits and vegetables.  Ideas:  Smoothies, fruit and Veggie snacks, salads, Veggie soups, etc…  But I was thinking this challenge is too close to the salad challenge that I just completed in July and I didn’t think the idea was that creative in comparison to some of the other options.
  • 30 days of no bread, rice, pasta, or potatoes – WOW, this would be hard during the holidays… Can you imagine no mashed potatoes or bread on thanksgiving?  I love this idea but I’m not ready to give up these staples for the holidays.  I’ll definitely keep them all in moderation but I can’t deprive myself during the best time of  year!
  • 30 days of no eating out – I love this idea!  My husband and I eat out too much and I’ll bet we  would save a lot of money too if we cooked at home.  Whether my husband likes this or not, I will be attempting this challenge sometime in the spring. 

And the winner is – 30 days of 15 minutes of meditation daily!  I’m really looking forward to this because it’s something that I have always wanted to pursue because the times that I do meditate I feel so much more calm and relaxed and what better time to do it than the holidays?  During the week I will get up an additional 20 minutes before I usually get up to read a chapter from my  book (The Book of Awakening), and then follow it with a 10 minute meditation session.  I have completed both an exercise and a food challenge so this time I have decided to improve on my mind.  If you are interested in participating too, take some time out of your day to get away from your cell phone, desk, television, or any other distraction and reflect on your life.  Use breathing techniques to relax your body and set a timer for 15 minutes.  Close your eyes and meditate for 15 minutes every day in the month of November.


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