What’s my next 30-day Challenge?

Its only the beginning of October and I’m already thinking about November and preparing myself for another month-long challenge. I had so much fun with both the pedometer and salad challenge that I’m ready for something new and exciting to look forward to… Here are some of the ideas I was thinking of:

  • 30 days as a vegan
  • 30 days of 15 minutes of meditation daily
  • 30 days of 100 squats/day
  • 30 days of 8 or more servings of fruits/vegetables daily
  • 30 days of no bread, rice, pasta, or potatoes
  • 30 days of no eating out

what are your thoughts on which challenge I should pursue and blog about in the month of November? I’d love to keep relaxed and calm through the holidays with 15 minutes/day of mediation but I’d also love to get bikini body ready since we are going to Maui in January. I look forward to your responses! My official challenge will be posted the 1st day of November…

3 thoughts on “What’s my next 30-day Challenge?

  1. I’ve done the no eating out one several times. My husband and I would sometimes to it every other month. We also did it with the rule that if you were really craving a certain item, you could go out and buy the ingredients for an at home copy cat version.

    I really like the meditation since I rarely get 15 mins alone period. Also like the squats one. I might have to go for that myself. Thanks for the idea Nicole!

    Jessica Trudeau Sanders

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