Salad Challenge Week #4 07/23/11 – 07/31/11

The challenge is over!  This was the hardest part of the challenge, the final week and finding enough recipes to complete this month (without repeating).  I had such a fun time preparing the meals and looking for new ideas that I’m going to continue this for as long as I can… I feel great that I am able to get so many vegetables into my diet and that I can pass that onto my husband (and baby).  Let me know if you come across and new and exciting recipes!  I will certainly update if I find anything new that I feel I have to share with everyone 🙂

July 23, 2011

Wood Ranch barbeque – Natalie’s Salad

This was a typical busy Saturday where we made a last minute decision on our take-out dinner.  I love this salad but it might not be the healthiest of choices.  However, I don’t think they have a lot of ‘healthy’ options at this barbecue joint… its all about good homestyle cooking!

July 24, 2011

Mango Salsa Chicken Salad

This was a last minute throw together salad and since I’ve had a little bit of an obsession with mangoes lately I figured why not get my favorite Mango, papaya salsa from Trader Joes, marinade some chicken (barbecue), add bell pepper, carrots, avocado, more salsa, Daiya (pepper jack favored) ‘cheese’ and of course organic spring mix and enjoy!

July 25, 2011

Organic Steak salad

Simple but good!

July 26, 2011

California Pizza Kitchen Miso Shrimp Salad (half portion)

Happy Birthday to me!  The last year in my 20’s and I get to enjoy one of my favorite salads.  Although the portion size looks small, don’t be fooled because it has a lot of great flavor and is very filling.

July 27, 2011

Scallop and Prawn Salad at TPC (tournament players club Valencia)

This is one of the nicest restaurants in Valencia and just so happens to be where my husband and I got married.  My parents are members at this club so we have been here a handful of times and this night we were celebrating my 29th birthday.   The shellfish is served on top of a bed of baby greens with sliced red onions, daikon sprouts, shaved carrots, avocado, topped with tortilla strips, and mango vinaigrette.

July 28, 2011

Caprese Salad

No, I don’t typically eat a lot of cheese but I made an exception for this recipe which can be either an appetizer or a meal.  I love the combination though of fresh tomatoes and mozzarella!  I didn’t have any but it tastes amazing with a little fresh basil and a drizzle of balsamic vinaigrette.

No, this is not my image but a great example of what a caprese salad looks like 😉

July 29, 2011

Cartwheel Salad – Stonefire Grill

You probably remember from the beginning of the month we had the garden salad from Stonefire, well today I had the Cartwheel salad which is probably my favorite salad they offer there.

July 30, 2011

Chinese ‘Chicken’ Salad – with Tofu instead of Chicken

This salad is from Elephant bar and has great flavor even with tofu instead of chicken. My husband eats the chicken version and he enjoys it too.

(No Photo)

July 31, 2011

Salmon Salad

Today was the last day of the salad challenge which included Cajun salmon, greens, mixed vegetables, and jalapeno – garlic homemade croutons. Bon Appetit!

Salmond Salad

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