July (31-Day) Salad Challenge

Tomorrow is the 1st day of July and I’m proposing to try a new salad a day for 31 days… this could include purchased or homemade salads. Because its too hot to turn on the oven and I’m a little obsessed with different ways to get my veggies into my diet. I’ll try to blog a few days a week with pictures and recipes.  If you have any good recipes or favorite salad spots please post them as a comment, thanks! Let the eating begin…

2 thoughts on “July (31-Day) Salad Challenge

  1. Do you have the Specialty cookbook? If so, the kale salad recipe on p. 29 is so yum (if not, let me know and I’ll give you the recipe). My old boss submitted it; she used to make it for department parties. FYI, the measurements in the cookbook make enough for about 10 people. I usually make half of it and eat it over a couple of days because kale doesn’t get limp as fast as most greens do.


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