Barefoot Running Part II

I figured I haven’t done an update in awhile about barefoot running so I thought I’d take the time to update you on my ‘training’.  According to the kindle, I’m half-way down with ‘Born to Run,’ the book that started my motivation to run barefoot (  At the rate I’m going. I’ll be done by Labor Day (haha)!  Well hopefully not, its a good read I’m just a little busy with working full-time and being a mommy and actually getting my workouts/yoga practice in… But I’m reading at least one chapter a night so I’ll get there someday! Anyhow… I am still only at about 3-miles but I have to say I haven’t had any problems with my hips so far, which was where I previously injured myself.  I actually ran for the first time in a long time without a jogging stroller and I have to say I was fast!  I couldn’t believe how much energy I had running up and down the hills without that stroller which made me think that stroller training is a great cross-workout to prepare your body for racing. I’m not a big racer but I’d like to start participating so I can keep myself motivated.   In fact, I’m planning on training for the Santa Clarita Half Marathon which takes place in November.  I’ll officially start increasing my mileage around mid-July and hopefully I’ll have more to share about barefoot running and the effects its had on my body.  I’ll continue my cross-training with weight lifting and yoga practice, to help prevent injury during my 1/2 marathon training.

I know some people might think I’m crazy for loving to run but until you commit yourself to getting out there and doing it you will never know the joy it brings you.  In fact, I use my running time to self-reflect, meditate, and relax.  Who needs therapy when you have running?  For someone like me who is always on the go this is a great opportunity to take control of your day and get a workout while relaxing through running.  I like to focus on my breathing (just like in yoga) when I’m struggling up a hill or have the desire to walk… Let’s kick off the first day(s) of Summer (June 21st) and take your workout outdoors!

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