Yoga in the workplace – week #8

Lunch time yoga has been going really well.  I have approximately 6-12 students each week that take time out of their busy day to relax and join me in a quick 30-minute yoga practice.  I wish more employees would take advantage because I know that many can use this time to reflect and relax in the middle of the work week.  We have focused a lot on downward facing dog and Surya Namaskar A (more details on this asana in a future post).  I have been trying to think about why people are intimidated by yoga?  What are some of the reasons people haven’t tried even though they have told me over an over again that they could really use the flexibility and relaxation in their lives.  So I figured I would tackle some of these ‘obstacles’ and maybe you can help me think of others…

#1 I don’t want to take off my shoes and socks.

You don’t have to take off your socks if you don’t want to.  However, you will find that the mat will be a little more slippery if you are wearing socks.  Remember that your practice starts and ends on your own mat and not on anyone else’s.  I always promote to my students to try not to think or look at others and if possible keep your eyes closed during the majority of the practice.  We too often allow our egos to get the best of us and are always trying to compare ourselves.

#2 I’m afraid of passing gas (you might laugh but this can happen!)

Try to avoid gassy foods before you practice including broccoli, beans, etc. and drink lots of water to promote good bowel movements. If you are still concerned than use the time to meditate instead of doing the asana (exercise).  It’s important to have time to yourself.  I provide relaxing music to help you let go of your stress and reflect within.

#3 I don’t have workout clothes.

I rarely wear workout clothes to practice in at work.  A comfortable legging or workpants will do fine.  As well as a tight fitting top so that it does not distract you from moving in the poses.  However you are welcome to change into something more comfortable for you if you would prefer.  I personally wear a workout t-shirt and work pants while I teach and model the poses during class.

#4 I don’t have time in my day.

We all need breaks in our day whether you sit at a desk or walk up and down stairs carrying boxes.  Its important to rejuvenate yourself and not push yourself too hard.  We as Americans work so hard and don’t take enough time for ourselves. 

#5 Yoga is for women, not men.

More men are taking advantage of the benefits of yoga these days.  A flexible man can lift more weights, prevent injury, and have more longevity in the gym or during his workouts.  My husband does a little yoga in his workouts every day.  He is a strength coach and understands the benefits of flexibility for his athletes.  Yoga doesn’t have to be all about chanting and spandex.   Yoga is for everyone!

What are some of the reasons you haven’t tried yoga yet?

11 thoughts on “Yoga in the workplace – week #8

  1. My excuse is lame – time. I really need to make it happen on my own while the baby sleeps, thanks for the inspiring post! Also, love the “it’s for women!” excuse – Brent likes yoga but is intimidated going to classes by himself since they are often mostly attended by women, they should really offer “men only” classes to ease guys into it in a “manly” environment.

    • This is not a lame excuse! I too find myself saying ‘I don’t have the time’ but you have to make time, YOU are important 🙂 when you have the chance to unwind you will be a better mom, wife, friend, etc. When I see you next I can show you some things to practice in even 20-30 minutes a day…

    • I know what you mean Laura, a lot of people actually have wrist problems but you’ll find the more you practice it might help strengthen them. In the meantime try doing the poses you are talking about on your forearms or knuckles. So glad to hear Tim loves yoga!!!

  2. I’ve done yoga and for me the biggest obstacle was not having instructors who had the time to teach basics (LA Fitness = too many people to start from the begining)…I felt so out of place and wasn’t being shown how to correctly do the positions, so I never went back…if Jen wants to borrow lil frazi he’d probably get a kick out of it…and I think it’s great that you offer it to co-workers! I spend my lunches at the gym too…it’s the only free time I have and it truly is my ME time 🙂

    • I completely understand Staci! I’m sure its hard for the instructor to watch every student in a class size that big. Taking a level 1 class at a small studio would probably help you increase your confidence and give you more 1 on 1 time with the instructor, you could come with Jen and I ;)… That’s awesome that you workout on your lunch break, I’m sure you are a better person because of that when you come home to your family at night. I try to make time after I put Bode to bed to do a little circuit training a few nights a week.

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