Barefoot Running Part 1

Yes, I am now officially a ‘barefoot runner’!  For Christmas my husband bought me a pair of Vibram Five Fingers barefoot sports shoes.  He had been wearing them for over a year at the time and while they looked funny, I actually started getting used to seeing them every day.  We had much debate as to when I was able to return to exercise after having our son would I purchase a new pair of my trusty Asics running shoes or try the Vibram Five Fingers.  I have worn Asics since my days in high school as a cross country athlete.  Yes, I technically received a Varsity letter but I was definitely not the star of the show.   Asics fit my foot and seemed to last many miles.  My husband started using Vibram Five Fingers after reading this book ‘Born to Run’ (which I’m in the middle of reading myself) and it was about a tribe in Mexico with people that are the best runners in the world.  They are able to run without injury and even the eldest person in the tribe uses running as their main source of transportation.  Whereas in western society most people get injured from running long distance and use things like braces and more supportive shoes to mask the real issues.  I’ll post another blog once I have completed the book to let you know more about this concept and give my official review. 

Running is my absolute favorite form of exercise.  It relaxes me, and keeps me in shape.  I actually got turned on to yoga (my 2nd favorite form of exercise)because I ran the San Diego Rock N’ Roll marathon with team in training in 2007 and I was unable to run for months afterwards due to my injuries.  Yoga was therapeutic to me physically and mentally and I wanted to pass it on to others that I met.  Luckily today I am able to run and I plan to be consistent in my yoga practice as I increase my running mileage.

I have only ran up to 3 miles in my Vibram Five Fingers so far but I plan to train for the Los Angeles Rock N’ Roll Half in October with team in training.  As I begin my training program I’ll be sure to blog about my experience.

Vibram Five Fingers

4 thoughts on “Barefoot Running Part 1

  1. I want to try those shoes for running so bad, I just need to pull the trigger and buy them, do you have the Bikila? I, too, am an Asics enthusiast, I don’t run an anything else!

    • I have the TrekSport, they have a little more traction on the bottom than the KSO which I believe are the ones Matt has… I wanted more traction because I use them to run on the streets vs. Matt who uses them to lift weights primarily. It definetly takes a few times to wear them to get comfortable. But after a long day of wearing heals it feels great to put those shoes on!

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