First Post

2011 the year of growth and development… I had the most amazing 2010 which included purchasing our first home, having our first baby, getting a promotion at my current workplace, and my husband getting a new job.  I am the first one to say that I am beyond blessed!  Now this year we will be adjusting as a new family and experiencing life with our little man (Bode Diego).  My personal New Years resolution is to make something of my passion and that is health and wellness with an emphasis on yoga.  I finished my 200 hours with yoga works about 1 year ago and have since taught corporate employees and youth volleyball athletes, all while being pregnant.  I will now be looking towards becoming a lifestyle coach through my yoga practice as well as utilizing my degree in Nutrition.  I plan to use this blog throughout my journey as a new mom towards starting my new business venture.  My other New Years resolution, which goes alongside my main one, is to blog at least once a week since I haven’t been as consistent in the past and I know that this will help me stay on track.


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