Pedometer Challenge – Day 30

The Pedometer Challenge is complete! I walked a total of 654,751 steps in 30 days, and averaged 21,825 Steps/day. I earned my $50 Nike gift card (which was awarded to those that averaged 20,000+ steps/day) which I plan to buy some new workout gear.

Hips – 38.5 inches (6/1/11- 39.5 inches) Total lost = 1 inch

Chest – 29.75 inches (6/1/11- 30 inches) Total lost = .25 inch

Waist – 28.75 inches (6/1/11- 29 inches) Total lost = .25 inch

Arm (left) – 10 inches (6/1/11- 10.5 inches) Total lost = .5 inch

Thigh (left) – 22.5 inches (6/1/11- 23.5 inches) Total lost = 1 inch

Calf (left) – 14.5 inches (6/1/11- 14.75 inches) Total lost = .25 inch

I know I didn’t have a huge change but overall I’m happy with my results (total inches loss = 3.25). I have this quote on my desktop and I can’t remember where I found it (please let me know if you can recall it…) ‘There is no single way to get to where you want to be.  Likewise, there is no magic pill.  It takes time, consistency, attention to detail, and an appreciation of what must get done in the short term in order to attain long-term success.’  I love this!  Knowing that everything has to start somewhere…  I look forward to changing up my workout routine so that it doesn’t revolve around ‘walking’. How did you do? Did you make it the full 30-days? If you didn’t start the challenge try it for the month of July. Make the commitment and you will see results mentally and physically. Happy July!

2 thoughts on “Pedometer Challenge – Day 30

  1. It’s not a huge change overall but those arm and thigh losses are enviable – I’m so proud of you! I didn’t do the challenge BUT knowing you were walking SO much, I was inspired to take walks during the day or park a little further away when shopping. Not huge, but a step in the right direction :).

    • Thanks! My favorite part about the loss is that I didn’t ‘try’ to lose inches, my challenge was in making sure I took enough steps/day. In the end I hit my goal and lost inches so it was a win-win situation. Plus my objective is that if I do it for long enough (3+ weeks) it will become a habit not a chore.

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